Reasons why Viva Voluptuous is the No.1 'Plus-size' choice

Reasons why Viva Voluptuous is the No.1 'Plus-size' choice

Posted by Liz Willis on Aug 15th 2019

Ladies, my name is Liz Willis. I am the founder and 'Boss lady' atViva Voluptuous. We launched in the UK a couple of years ago, and we are just celebrating our first birthday in the US!

Happy First Birthday Viva Voluptuous

We are growing from strength to strength, and with 54M plus-size ladies in the US alone, we are filling a big void. It's sadly still a reality that it's very hard to find gorgeous plus-size swimwear and lingerie. At Viva Voluptuous, we have a very unique vision!

1) We do NOT change the fabric or design as we go up in size! Too many plus-size companies change the designs when they get to 42 underband, to beige and ugly. What a cheek! What makes them think plus-size women want to wear wear 'ugly and beige'. It's our mission to keep it beautiful!  

Gorgeous Kat in our Red Strap Bra set

2) Support is so important! All our swimwear comes in bra cup sizes. We do not design 'pull on, one size fits all' swimsuits, as we are NOT all One size! There is nothing that bothers me more that an ill fitting swimsuit. Let's face it, bigger boobs are heavy, and needs support and coverage. As more women are more active on vacation, swim, waterparks etc. we design swimwear to keep 'the girls' in place!

Gorgeous Plus Size models

3)We are avid supporters of the Body Confidence Revolution. Leyah Shank's Blog (Read here) inspired so many women, and #bodyconfidence and #bodypositivity has grown since then. In all Western countries (67% in US and 55% in UK, and more) plus-size women are the majority. We should therefore be seen as 'the norm' and not the 'exception'. In my view, we are 'the normal size'. In fact, I am starting to dislike the term 'plus-size'. We are just all 'gorgeous women'. Some more curvy than others, but just normal. We should all feel free to celebrate our bodies  (and curves) like any other woman. If you want to wear a bikini on the beach or take up pole dancing, then just do it! 

4) We try hard to promote positive body image on social media. We only use plus-size models and we never photo shop our pictures! #nophotoshop . We also never charge a 'fat tax' like some companies do! Just plain wrong to pay more for a little bit of extra fabric! Unacceptable! We are therefore also very critical when companies stereotype slim models as 'plus-size' and in the WWD article we are clearly outspoken against Victoria's Secret claim to use a 'so called' plus-size model that is a US size 4 - that is dangerous territory for mental health!

Beautiful Plus-size Lingerie

This is an amazing NEDA article to read about Positive Mental attitude towards your body. It still makes me sad when people comment on our posts about never having the confidence to wear that on the beach. Hey girl, trust me, the more you do it, the less you care about what other people think! I speak from personal experience! We only live once. Make it a super fun journey! Please email me with your thoughts

Celebrate Your Curves

Lots of love

Liz Willis x

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